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Western New Years

Chinese New Year

Chinese people celebrate the new year, just like we do … with lots of fireworks. You probably know that fireworks were invented in China, so the Chinese fireworks are (am just guessing here) more than 1000 times more plentiful in China. However, in recent years Shanghai has restricted personal fireworks due to pollution concerns.

Audio Chinese Pinyin English
元旦快乐!Yuándàn kuàilè! Greeting only on Jan 1
新年快乐!Xīnnián kuàilè! Greeting on Jan 1 and Spring Festival
春节快乐!Chūnjié kuàilè! Greeting only during Spring Festival
中国人喜欢烟花!Zhōngguó rén xǐhuān yānhuā! Chinese people like fireworks.


Chinese Pinyin English
元旦YuándànWestern new year 新年XīnniánLiterally new year 春节ChūnjiéSpring festival 中国人Zhōngguórén Chinese people 喜欢xǐhuānlike 烟花yānhuāfireworks
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