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We make Mandarin easier to Learn

How To Learn Chinese Language Easily

Effective Chinese has been continuously innovating our web technology to give you the most effective learning experience possible.

We start with slides that are visually appealing and easy to understand. This way we engage your visual cortex and improve retention.

sample of slide images

In addition to our visuals, the classroom experience involves:

  • Making Mandarin fun and memorable, at a manageable pace
  • Starting each class with pronunciation, ending with conversation
  • Consistently engaging students in listening and speaking

Since 90 minutes per week is not enough to learn a language, we developed an arsenal of tools that can be used to grow and expand your skills between classes.

Audio enhanced conversation table

Click on the Chinese character in the first column to hear the sentence.

Nǐ shì lǎoshī ma?你是老师吗?Are you the teacher? 李:ML02-02


Built-in recorder widget

After listening to a sentence, try saying it to the recorder. Then compare your pronunciation with the voice model.

Improve your pronunciation! After listening to the audio, try recording your own voice. Click here to repeat the last audio played


Audio enhanced vocabulary table

Use the vocabulary table to practice individual words. Click on the Chinese character in the first column.

shìam/isVerb “to be”, but never used with adjectives 老师:VOC-lao3shi1


Audio enhanced pinyin table

This table allows you to compare groups of similar sounding pinyin syllables to improve listening and speaking.

aabapamafadatanalagakahala owobopomofo whoa ee me detenelegekehemud iyibipimi ditinili need uwubupumufudutunulugukuhufood üyu         few


Check out our 3 types of quizzes




Writing Practice Sheets

If you want to learn Chinese characters, you can download and printout these practice sheets. This is how all Chinese people learn to read … by writing first. The physical motion helps you wire the images into your brain.


Bonus Videos

We have included links and explanations for youtube videos posted by other Mandarin teachers around the world. Check out this example on counting in Mandarin from Fiona Tian

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