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Personalized Training

  • Looking for an accelerated program?
  • More relaxed  pace?
  • Focus area, such as business?
  • Irregular schedule?

We have teachers all around Portland and China as well.  Give us a call or drop a note.

On-site Classes

We can bring our program to you!  You provide table, chairs and projector.  You can choose between a fixed contract, or have students pay us directly.   Our baseline package is 10 weeks of 1.5 hour classes, with a max of 10 students, for $1500. Group learning is often more effective because participants can encourage each other outside of class.  We can also target the group (manufacturing, sales, planning, etc) by tailoring vocabulary and example phrases.

Individual Tutoring

Individual tutoring options are the most flexible.  We have many teachers, and tutors to call on so we can usually accommodate anyone’s location and schedule needs.  The price of individual tutoring starts at $30 per hour.  Hours include travel time and lesson prep.  So, to keep it economical, it is best to have a location that requires minimum travel time and use the in-house course-ware that our teachers are already familiar with.  That being said, we are always happy to tailor a program to suit your specific needs.

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