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Translator Apps will Improve your Mandarin

Microsoft Translator and Google Translate are powerful tools for learning languages. I think MS Translator is a little better with tones. But both are good. A translator app will allow you to determine which words you can pronounce and which ones need work. It will also let you know which sentences you are pronouncing correctly.

Scroll down and click the images to see how to use the translators.

If you are unable to get the translator to understand what you said and you don’t have a Chinese friend handy. You can use the audio and voice recorder on the lesson pages to improve your pronunciation. Just open the lesson you are working on and use the audio-text and recorder button. This will allow you to compare your voice the the voice model.

Once you have down loaded a translator you can use the sentence below to check your pronunciation.

Nǐ shì lǎoshī ma?你是老师吗?Are you the teacher?
Bú shì。Wǒ bú shì lǎoshī。Wǒ shì xuésheng。不是,我不是老师。我是学生。No. I am not the teacher. I am a student.
Shéi shì lǎoshī?谁是老师?Who is the teacher?

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