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  • Buying Books and Pens

    Buying Books and Pens

    Bonus Video for Lesson Six This video is great practice for Lesson 6, but it does introduce a few new words. Don’t forget to click in the first column to practice your pronunciation   New Vocabulary ChineseEnglishLáobǎn老板Boss duōshǎo多少how much qián钱money yuán元chinese dollar zhāng种type of   DialogChinesePinyinEnglishLǎob...

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  • Do you like Coffee or Tea?

    Do you like Coffee or Tea?

    We have an very useful video here (keep reading to find the link). Not only is this an excellent review of lesson 5, but also a great opportunity to improve your listening and speaking skills. It features real Chinese people speaking candidly, without a script.  By mimicking them you can really improve your pronunciation. Here are my recommendations f...

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