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Super Effective Study Methods

So Effective it feels like Cheating!

Pronouncing Mandarin can be difficult for English speakers. But, not any more! This incredible new tool makes it easier to identify, and correct, your own mistakes. It is especially useful on a mobile device. Here is how it works.

Open your phone or laptop to the lesson you want to studying.

  1. Click or tap the first column and listen to the sentence.
  2. Use our built in recorder to record your voice.
  3. Compare the two recordings, and identify the mistakes.
  4. When you think you got it, use Google Translate to verify.
  5. Otherwise, go back to #2 and try some more.

You can use Google Translate to verify by setting it up to translate Mandarin to English. If the translation is correct, then you must have gotten it right. If the translation does not go well, try a little experimentation, and work on individual words.

You can try it now, with the following dialog.

Tā shì Yīngguó rén ma?她是英国人吗?Is she British?
Bú shì,tā shì Měiguó rén.不是,她是美国人。No, she is American.
Improve your pronunciation! After listening to the audio, try recording your own voice. Click here to repeat the last audio played

Click on the images below for a more graphic description of how to use this feature

It’s so easy feels like cheating!

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