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Mobile study tools make it easy to practice anywhere at anytime.

Best use of Classroom Time

We encourage talking in class, because the classroom is one of the few places where students can engage in authentic communication that they can understand. Our methodology is so simple, you have to wonder why it isn’t used by everyone.

  • Our explanations are short and sweet.  After each new language insight, we engage the students in practice.
  • Our class activities match our materials, making it is easy to prepare and easy to review.
  • With our rich assortment of online, mobile and printed materials, it’s easy stay in shape between classes.

Check out our Mandarin One course page on your computer or mobile device.

Best use of Your Time

We know your time is precious, so we have packed a ton of resources into an easily accessible format.  You can easily navigate our site to access audio recording, flashcards and quizzes.

Our quizzes are hand-crafted, audio-infused learning experiences, that provide the most efficient way to keep your Mandarin fresh between classes. Key features include:

  • Audio clips used for questions and answers
  • Immediate and constructive feedback
  • Only 10 to 12 questions per quiz
  • Accessible from (almost*) any networked device.

Try a sample quiz

Listening engages your senses and  improves retention.  Immediate feedback after each question gives you relevant information to use on subsequent questions.  Combine these two unique features with ease of access and a small number of questions, and you have the perfect strategy for learning Mandarin and maintaining a life.

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