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Practice Mandarin Every Day

The most effective way to learn is to practice before you forget, because remembering reinforces neural pathways. If you don’t believe me, you can check out this reference.The frequency of practice should be at least once a day. But how to practice?

Here’s a example plan that starts as soon as you leave the classroom ….

  • Day 1: Review the lesson as soon as you get home:
    • Listen to the dialog while reading the pinyin
    • Listen and repeat one sentence at a time
    • Close your eyes and  comprehend w/o translating
  • Day 2: Do quiz A
  • Day 3: Do quiz B
  • Day 4: Watch the relevant video
  • Day 5: Do quiz C
  • Day 6: Play the flashcards from the course page
  • Day 7: Preview the next lesson (Listen to dialog and vocab)

Here are a couple videos relevant to our Mandarin One, Lesson One:

Here are a couple of excellent references for learning pinyin and pronunciation

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