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Power Tips for Mandarin Learners

Tips For Learning Mandarin

Mandarin is easier than you think.

There are a number of features which make it easier than English. For starters the grammar is pretty simple, the words are seldom more than two syllables long, nouns don’t have any annoying rules for gender or plural, and verbs don’t have tense. But mastering pronunciation can be a challenge. So, that’s why this “tip” is so useful.

Pleco can help you improve Pronunciation

By clicking the mic icon on the tool bar, an audio to text converter pops up. When you speak into the phone it tells you the closest mandarin sound that it hears. This is valuable feed back because it doesn’t just tell you it is wrong: it also give you feedback with the character it “thought” it heard. It can even distinguish tones reliably.

Install Pleco Today!

I recommend that all students install this app on your phones, and start using it daily … or at least weekly. Pleco is a must-have for any English speaker studying Mandarin. It has dozens of features make it easier to learn Mandarin. You can check out this link for more about Pleco’s features

This is How to learn Mandarin Fast

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