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Ordering Bubble Tea

How to Order Bubble Tea in Chinese

Bubble tea is a hugely popular in Taiwan, China and the US. Personally, I just don’t get it. Those tapioca pearls are just weird. But if you like them, you can turn the ordering process into a Mandarin learning event.

Learn how to order bubble tea

Listen to the first video and then return here to sharpen your skills with the dialog below.

Use the dialog table below to practice the sentences. Click on the name in the first column and you will hear how the pinyin is pronounced. Then read it on your own. You get extra credit if you use the voice recorder to listen to correct any mispronunciations.

姑娘Xiǎobēi, zhōngbēi, dàbēi 小杯,中杯,大杯Small cup, medium cup, large cup 姑娘:ZNC-02
Improve your pronunciation! After listening to the audio, try recording your own voice. Click here to repeat the last audio played


正常zhèngchángregular 杯:VOC-bei1
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