Customizable Dialog Tables

Customizable Dialog Tables

Slick New Features

We have added 2 new features to make our dialog tables more effective.

  1. Listen to one sentence at a time.
  2. Remove columns to reduce visual clutter.

All the audio is now in the first column. The player button in the header will play the full dialog. And by clicking on the Chinese names, you will hear one sentence at a time. You can remove any columns (Pinyin, English, or Chinese) by clicking on it. When there is one column left, clicking on it will restore the hidden ones

Try it yourself:

Nǐ shì lǎoshī ma?你是老师吗?Are you the teacher?
Bú shì。Wǒ bú shì lǎoshī。Wǒ shì xuésheng。不是,我不是老师。我是学生。No. I am not the teacher. I am a student.
Shéi shì lǎoshī?谁是老师?Who is the teacher?
Tā shì lǎoshī。Tā shì Zhāng lǎoshī。她是老师,她是张老师。She is the teacher. She is teacher Zhang.
Tā shì Yīngguó rén ma?她是英国人吗?Is she British?
Bú shì,tā shì Měiguó rén.不是,她是美国人。No, she is American.