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Mid Autumn Festival

Mid Autumn Festival will be on September 14 this year (2019). Chinese festival days are determined by the Lunar Calendar and this festival always falls on the full moon of the 8th lunar month.

It would be easy to imagine that Zhōng Qiū Jié is actually Moon Cake Fesival, because it’s the time of the year that you see moon cakes everywhere. The it is the 2nd most important holiday after Chinese New Years. Both of these holidays are a time for families to come together.

The table below contains a list of important words for this holiday. Watch the video to learn the significance of these words.


中秋节快乐Zhōng qiū jié kuai lèHappy Autumn Festival!
中秋节Zhōng qiū jiéMid-autumn festival
快乐kuai lèhappy, joyful
月饼yuèbǐngmoon cake
后裔Hòuyìmythical Hero
嫦娥Cháng’éwife of Houyi


There is a legend story associated with this festival and if you are interested you can watch this youtube video.

There is also a very famous song that Yang Yang will teach you if you watch this video.

And if you have always wanted to make your own moon cakes take a look at this video, it’s really not so difficult.
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