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Means of Transportation

Here is a good bonus video for Lesson 22, “Walk or Ride”, brought to you by New Concept Mandarin out of Hong Kong. The chart below gives you an opportuniyt to listen and repeat the vocabulary from the video.

And here is a bonus bonus-video about transportation. If you like learning with songs it’s definitely worth listening to. All the words are in Mandarin, and all of them are displayed in pinyin, characters, and English. Check it out!

qí zìxíngchē骑自行车ride a bike
qí chē骑车ride a bike
qímǎ骑马horse riding
kāichē开车Drive a car
kāi chūzū chē开出租车Drive a taxi
dǎ chūzū chē打出租车take a taxi
dǎchē打车take a car
zuòchē坐车ride in a car
zuò chūzū chē坐出租车ride in a taxi
zuò huǒchē坐火车ride in a train
zuò fēijī坐飞机ride on a plane
zuò dìtiě坐地铁ride on subway
zuò chuán坐船ride in a boat
zǒulù走路take a walk
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