We Offer

  • Evening Classes

  • Great Teachers

  • Emphasis on Conversation

  • Mobile Study Tools

  • Many Class Levels

Classes Designed For You

Our program is designed with you in mind.  Whether you’re planning to visit China, have family members who speak Mandarin,  work in multi-cultural retail environment, or just want to learn for enrichment. We have fine tuned our program to make the best use of your time, make the language feel natural, and  provide  material that will help you connect with Chinese speaking friends.

We make it easier for you to succeed

The only way to become conversational in a foreign language is by listening and speaking.  It may seem obvious, but the only way people learn language is when they hear sentences that they can understand.  This is a step by step gradual process, but by keeping the language at a comprehensible level students not only learn faster, they internalize it more. We don’t just expose you to a lot of language you will soon forget.  We take the time to make it clear. We can not teach you mandarin overnight, but we can give you the confidence to use the language with your Chinese friends.

Optimal use of the Classroom

We keep students engaged with interactive conversational activities in the classroom.  The classroom is usually the only place you can practice with people who can interact with you. Other programs want you to believe that the classroom is best for explaining the details of grammar, characters and word origin.  We don’t waste your time.  Our goal to give you the chance to internalize the language without memorizing the details.

Mobile Study Tools

In these days of ubiquitous mobile devices, it is a shame to have to drag books around to learn stuff.  Our first three levels, 30 lessons, are all accessible on a mobile responsive web site.  Using your mobile device you can read about the grammar, listen to the dialogs and use flashcards. We expect student to practice at least 20 minutes a day with our materials.  And having it all online makes this doable.  By practicing between classes you will make better use of the precious time in the classroom with native speakers and

Relevant Language

Each of our lessons evolved out of experiences of Americans interacting with native speakers in China.  The pace of change in China is rapid, and, just like the US, the language is evolving with it.  We not only teach you the basics of pronunciation and grammar, but we give you the language as it is spoken in China today.  In our second level class we give you useful strategies for enlisting native speakers to help you improve.

Comments from Students …

We had such a wonderful time in China. We used our Mandarin in Shanghai and Beijing and were understood. It was fun ordering food and drinks. My sister was impressed. We taught her to to say Ni Hao, count to 10 and bu yao – this really worked well on the hawkers. One hawker was following me and when I said bú yào he closed his case and said, “You Chinese?”. -Steve

 I like the independence and informality of Effective Chinese.  It’s clear that the students are genuinely interested in learning the language.  I like the instructors. They are engaging and their English skills are at a high level.  Typically they are recently from China so they can speak authoritatively about current language usages, idioms, and cultural subtleties. That’s important because languages change. -Gary

The variety of teachers allows for different teaching methods. I enjoy the emphasis on conversation. The book is very easy to follow and the instructors are good. Nice to be in a class with folks who are about the same level as me. The school is well organized and teachers are always fun and friendly and helpful.  Also, such a wealth of help with the online aids and apps. Amazing really. -Nick