Integrated Learning Systems

Integrated Learning Systems

At Effective Chinese we focus on the big picture. Most people know that the key to success with any language is practice: practice in class and practice between classes. But what, and how, to practice? Read on and find out how our online materials make it possible to improve between classes.

Anatomy of a Class

Our Mandarin classes have three parts. We start with pronunciation, then focus on new vocabulary and sentences, followed by practice in smaller groups. Since there is a week between classes, this structure give students the chance to ramp into the language gradually.

Helpful Visuals

Our slide presentations make it easier to grasp the concepts. The slides allow teachers to focus on delivery instead of scribbling on the whiteboard. And they stimulate your visual learning modality.


Conversations in Mandarin

We believe that conversations in class are critical to success. Students spend at least half the time speaking and listening to Chinese sentences. The repetition makes the sentences start to sound more natural.


Online Quizzes

The online quizzes come in three varieties: pinyin tones, pinyin spelling, and sentence comprehension


Online Flashcards

This is very handy way to use your daily practice time. The flashcards have 6 different study modes, so you can switch up to find the one that works best for you.

Note: you can click on the adjuster icon in the header bar change which side of the card to show first, and adjust various audio options.


Talking Tables

We created this type of table to make it easier for you to practice words and sentences outside of class. Click on the Chinese character in the first column to hear the sentence.

Nǐ shì lǎoshī ma?你是老师吗?Are you the teacher?
Bú shì。Wǒ bú shì lǎoshī。Wǒ shì xuésheng。不是,我不是老师。我是学生。No. I am not the teacher. I am a student.
Shéi shì lǎoshī?谁是老师?Who is the teacher?
Tā shì lǎoshī。Tā shì Zhāng lǎoshī。她是老师,她是张老师。She is the teacher. She is teacher Zhang.

We also provide recording widget so you practice speaking the sentences yourself and then comparing your pronunciation with the recording. Try it out!

Improve your pronunciation! After listening to the audio, try recording your own voice. Click here to repeat the last audio played


Pinyin Tables

Click on the pinyin syllable to hear its pronunciation. Click on another one to hear the difference.

üyu         few