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Facebook’s Rating System has Changed

In an attempt to improve reliability, Facebook has changed their 5-star rating system to a “recommendation” system. This is a good move, because the 5-star system is routinely abused by people making false complaints (thankfully, not on our site)

We are hoping you will help us leverage this opportunity to promote the school, particularly because classroom rent increases are causing Effective Chinese to lose money lately.  Your engagement on our Facebook Page will help us to reach more students, and help you learn more Mandarin (assuming you read our micro-lesson blog posts).

Specifically, we are asking you to “Like” our page and “Recommend” the school. Here are some reasons you might mention in a recommendation … using your own words of course.
  • Great slide presentations … with pictures that make it easier to understand
  • Online quizzes and flashcards … make it easier to practice between classes
  • Links to bonus materials from other websites … locks the lesson in your brain.
  • Teachers are helpful and encouraging  … providing lots of support in class
  • Practical words and phrases … that will impress your Chinese friends
  • Lots of cultural information … helps you connect with people
  • Tons of visuals and props  … to make the classes more memorable
  • Free micro-lessons … combining photos, videos, audio, to learn language and culture

Liking our page will cause our posts to appear in your Facebook feed. Clicking through to our blog, you will learn cool stuff about Chinese language and culture.  Liking the posts and commenting on them lets potential students know that the material is interesting and useful.

  1. Please “like” our Facebook Page
  2. Write a brief recommendation
  3. Click on our posts in the Facebook feed to read the micro-lessons
  4. Then “like” and comment about them on Facebook
Mandarin may not be easy … but we make it fun
非常感谢 (fēicháng gǎnxiè) Thank you very much!
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