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Effective Chinese has Enhanced Quizzes!

These hand-crafted, audio-infused learning experiences are the most efficient way to keep your mandarin fresh between classes. Key features include:

  • Audio clips used for questions and answers
  • Immediate and constructive feedback
  • Only 10 to 12 questions per quiz
  • Accessible from (almost*) any networked device.

Listening to Mandarin engages your senses and  improves retention.  Immediate feedback after each question gives you relevant information to use on subsequent questions.  Combine these two unique features with ease of access and a small number of questions, and you have the perfect strategy for learning Mandarin and maintaining a life.

Click here to open the “Mandarin One” course page and try a quiz.

Each lesson comes with 3 quizzes (pronunciation, vocabulary, and sentences).  You can retake the quizzes as often as you like and only the highest score is retained.  This feature is available for “Mandarin One” now, and additional courses will be upgraded during Winter Term.

*Note: Quizzes only require HTML5 browsers, which have been common for a couple years now.

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