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Pinyin Chinese English   Pinyin Chinese English
you   also
hǎo good   máng busy
ní hǎo 你好 hello   not
I or me   zǎoshang 早上 morning
hěn very   wǎnshang 晚上 evening
ma (confirm)   zàijiàn 再见 good bye
ne what about ..?        

These sentences can be used to practice conversation. Students alternate taking the prompt and response roles, until they are comfortable with the words.

# Question Response
1 ní hǎo ma? wǒ hén hǎo
2 nǐ ne? wó yě hén hǎo
3 ní hǎo ma? wǒ hén hǎo, nǐ ne?
wó yě hén hǎo hǎo
4 nǐ máng ma? [hěn/bù] máng
5 nǐ máng ma? wǒ [hěn/bù] máng, nǐ ne?
wó yě [hěn/bù] máng  
6 zǎoshang hǎo zǎoshang hǎo
7 wǎnshang hǎo wǎnshang hǎo
8 zàijiàn zàijiàn
9 wǎnshang hǎo wǎnshang hǎo
nǐ máng ma? wó hěn máng, nǐ ne?
wǒ yé hěn máng zàijiàn
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