Mandarin 1 Lessons

Mandarin One – Comprehensive Overview

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  • Click the lesson name and read the contents.
  • Use audio buttons to review dialog and vocabulary.
  • Click “view” and flip through the teachers slides.
  • Explore 汉字 and Pinyin flashcards for tons of study options.
  • Click on a quiz to lock in your learning.  (Be sure to try the intro quiz first.)

Dialog Vocab Slides 汉字 Pinyin Quiz A Quiz B Quiz C
Lesson 1 - Greetings
Lesson 2 - Teacher and Students
Lesson 3 - Introductions
Lesson 4 - Family Members
Lesson 5 - Ordering drinks
Lesson 6 - Pens and Paper
Lesson 7 - Ordering Food
Lesson 8 - Going Places
Lesson 9 - Going Tonight
Lesson 10 - Time for Dinner

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