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Effective Chinese Courses are designed to make it easier for you to learn.  We don’t lecture. We engage you in Mandarin as a medium of communication.  Our methods allow you to progress steadily from the basics of pronunciation to the satisfaction of conversation.

We take a holistic approach, from classroom activities to individual study. So we start by designing engaging conversational activities for the classroom, then we choose vocabulary and grammar to fit the situations. The activities are reviewed by teachers in modern China to be sure they reflect current trends in communication. Then we create grammar lessons and quizzes that dovetail with the classroom activities

The language we share with you will delight your Chinese friends and make them wonder how long you have been studying.

Teaching Strategies

Teachers at our school utilize sensible strategies to improve student outcomes.  These strategies, summarized below, are the reason we are so effective at meeting students expectations.

  1. Less is More: Teachers spend less time talking and more time coaching because students learn best by participating in language activities.  Explaining the language helps, but internalizing a language requires meaningful participation. That’s why we measure our success by student participation. 
  2. Teach to the Receptive Zone: Students learn best when they can comprehend a high percentage of the material presented. If the material is too difficult, students struggle and become discouraged.  If it is too easy they do not make an effort. So we target that zone where students are challenged, and engaged.
  3. Follow the Materials:  Although we adjust the pace to students abilities, we never stray from the published materials. This means students always know what to prepare for and are able to review without scribbling notes. Classroom activities are scripted to make it easier for students to prepare, follow and review. The activities are fun and memorable

Online Materials

  1. Audio Materials: All our audio materials can be downloaded to mp3 players or burned on CD.
  2. Grammar Patterns: Clear and simple grammar explanations can be found online.
  3. Quizzes: Quizzes are a great way to review the material because you get immediate feedback and you can take them as often as you like
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