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Complement of Result

Complement of Result is a grammar pattern that makes Mandarin easier to learn.

Verb Complement Result
Kàn (look) + dào =Kàndào (see)
Zhǎo (search) + dào =Zhǎodào (find)
Tīng (listen) + dào =Tīngdào (hear)
Mǎi (shop) + dào = Mǎidào (buy)

How does this make it easier to learn? Because it reduces the number of words you need to learn, and, to a lesser extent, reduces ambiguity.

If you look at the Result column in the table you will see that English words are completely different. Where as, in Chinese, you just add a compliment of result. There are not many complement-of-result words, such as dào, jiàn, wǎn, huì, and hǎo.

Yang yang does a great job of explaining these concepts so watch the video to learn more.

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