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Expressing Envy

Expressing Envy

This young couple has been invited to a social event at a friends new house, but they are shocked at the size of the house. Having recently moved to Portland, they had no idea that their college friends were so…


Yuán Dàn – January 1st

Chinese people have a name for the first of January, but they don't actually celebrate it. Their historic lunar calendar starts on a different day. The first of January is called Yuán dàn (元旦), but it has no real significance.…

Teacher And New Student

Nǐ Guòjiǎng Le

As your Mandarin skills increase, you will inevitably receive compliments from Chinese friends. Chinese people appreciate modesty, so learning how to respond is a good idea. The phrase nlǐ nlǐ? literally means "Where? where?". It implies that you feel that…

Chinese Children Washing Hands

Wash Your Hands Often

When will the pandemic end? Maybe when we have a plentiful supply of a reliable vaccine. In the mean time, washing hands, wearing a face mask, and maintaining 6 feet of social distancing, are the most effective strategies at this…

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