Teaching Mandarin

Resources from around the web on methodologies and materials.
  • Power Tips for Mandarin Learners

    Power Tips for Mandarin Learners

    Mandarin is easier than you think. There are a number of features which make it easier than English. For starters the grammar is pretty simple, the words are seldom more than two syllables long, nouns don’t have any annoying rules for gender or plural, and verbs don’t have tense. But mastering pronunciation can be a challenge. So, that̵...

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  • Web Clock Toy

    Web Clock Toy

    Have you ever wanted a picture of a clock – set to a specific time? This is very useful if you are teaching people to tell time in a foreign language. Also good for testing time-telling skills. I found the visnos website that performs this function and is build with a degree of professionalism that is rarely found in free tools. Visnos has a numb...

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