On the Street

Unrehearsed interviews from Yoyo Chinese
  • What do you like?

    What do you like?

    Here is another excellent video from Yoyo Chinese.  In this video the interviewer probes the deepest of questions: what are your preferences …  Before watching the video, you can prepare by listening to a 20% slower audio, while reading the pinyin. This will increase your comprehension and you will get more out of the video. Audio: The transcr...

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  • Do you like Coffee or Tea?

    Do you like Coffee or Tea?

    Here is a useful video: Chinese on the Street: Do you like coffee or tea?  It’s an excellent review of lesson 5 and a good opportunity to improve your listening skills. It features real Chinese people speaking naturally.  (Don’t forget, you can slow down the speed if it is too fast). Below, is a pinyin transcript and table of new vocabula...

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