• New Class: Zánmen Jiéhūn Ba

    New Class: Zánmen Jiéhūn Ba

    We took a popular Chinese Sitcom and turned it into an intermediate level Mandarin course. This is exciting for several reasons: 1) the language is modern and authentic, 2) the topics reflect real social issues effecting China today, 3) it is about relationships, a topic that is only mariginaly addressed by text books or online resources. This course will...

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  • Tai gui le!

    Tai gui le!

    A very useful expressions when shopping in China is “Tài guì le” (That’s too expensive!). In a shopping mall it might not be so useful, but at least it gives you a chance to express your frustration. However, in a shop or street market, the proprietor might just hand you a calculator and say “Nǐ shuō ba.” (meaning: type...

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    Voice Comparison Tool

    One major challenge of learning a language is knowing if you are pronouncing words correctly. Up until know, it has required the help of a “expert”. But, the new “voice comparison tool” from Chinese Skill has made it much easier. This post has two you will find two slides that graphically explain how to use it. Basically you ne...

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  • Mandarin One-Two-Three

    Mandarin One-Two-Three

    Effective Chinese might be the only school in the US to offer 3 courses of pinyin only (ie, no characters). We understand that people with jobs don’t have time to learn a new language and a new writing system at the same time. We also developed our own course materials because there aren’t many that support pinyin only instruction. This is g...

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  • Signup now for 2018 Spring Classes

    Signup now for 2018 Spring Classes

    Portland location is at the Lloyd Center, 3rd floor rm 2007. Each class is 1.5 hours, once a week for 10 weeks.  Courses Day Time Date Price Location Class schedule temporarily offline, send email to for current information Note: “Chinese” classes are the ones you take after the “Mandarin”...

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