Mandarin Resources

Resources around the web that might be useful to students.
  • Effective Chinese sponsors weekly Meetups

    Effective Chinese sponsors weekly Meetups

    Effective Chinese has sponsors weekly meetups for students, past students, native speakers and anyone who wants to practice conversational Mandarin or English. We change venues frequently for variety and convenience. We seldom have less than ten people show up, but we have had as many as 25. We like to keep the conversation in Mandarin, but occasional c...

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    Stretch the Noodle

    Portland has a new food cart at 3th & Washington. Their Beijing style beef noodle soup is amazing. Each bowl has just one noodle …  one 20 foot long noodle.  Only $8.00! Among other things they serve: Niú ròu lā miàn  (牛肉拉面) – Beef noodle soup Jiānbing (煎饼) – Kind of like a crispy omlette If you listen to the a...

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    Voice Comparison Tool

    One major challenge of learning a language is knowing if you are pronouncing words correctly. Up until know, it has required the help of a “expert”. But, the new “voice comparison tool” from Chinese Skill has made it much easier. This post has two you will find two slides that graphically explain how to use it. Basically you ne...

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  • Excellent Pinyin Resources

    Here are a couple resources that will super-charge your Mandarin pronunciation skills.Pinpin has a nice pinyin chart on their website and an excellent learning tool for mobile devices – free.   You can use this chart to explore and compare pronunciation of any two pinyin syllables.  The best feature is their free mobile learning tool available o...

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