Mandarin Insights

Interesting facts about Mandarin that might make easier to learn.
  • Learning Mandarin is Good for your Brain

    Learning Mandarin is Good for your Brain

    New research has shown that studying Mandarin Chinese can cause measurable change to brain structure and mass. The participants of the double-blind study who took Mandarin vocabulary classes over a six week period, all show measurable improvement. But the effect was most pronounced the category of  “successful learners”. This is great news ...

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    Connect with Chinese

    Doing business with China is easier when you speak some Mandarin.  And, it’s not as hard as you might think – especially with the right teachers. At Effective Chinese we bring you:Friendly and relevant language content,Manageable, incremental pace,Integrated, online, mobile accessible materials,And teachers who leverage your strengths.You&#...

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