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  • Which way to the Supermarket?

    Which way to the Supermarket?

    In this fluentu video our hero struggles to get directions from people on the streets. See how many words you can pick out. If you have reached Lesson 28 you should know most of them. After listening a couple times, double check yourself by listening and reading at the same time, using the audio button below. The translated dialog represents the first enco...

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  • At a Restaurant

    At a Restaurant

    This fluentu video contains tons of words from Mandarin One, and a handful from Mandarin Two and Three. My recommendation is to watch the video first and see how much you understand.  Then return to this page and listen to the audio while following along with the pinyin below.  Then go back to the video and see how much you improved. Part One Person ...

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  • A Trip to the Supermarket

    Most of the vocabulary in this video should be familiar to students who have completed lesson 8.  And the vocabulary that is not familiar will be coming up in subsequent lessons.  So, this is a great opportunity to get a review and preview at the same time. The language is simple and the actors speak slowly and clearly.  So, if you only know half the ...

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  • Do you have a pen?

    Do you have a pen?

    The first 45 seconds of conversation from this FluentU video uses lots of words we have learned so far. There are also a handful of new words (high lighted in bold), check the vocabulary list below for the words you don’t know or can’t remember. Please note, the actors are using a different pronunciation for “zhè” (this). In class...

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  • Shopping for Clothes

    The conversation below was borrowed from a youtube video. A young couple are shopping for clothes at a local store. The pronunciation is excellent and the vocabulary is very useful. You can check out this link to see the whole video. Dialog PinyinHanziEnglish 女人Nǐ kàn kàn. Zhè jiàn hóngsè de hǎokàn ma?你看看。这件红色的好看吗?Take a look. Isn...

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