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  • We make Mandarin easier to Learn

    We make Mandarin easier to Learn

    Effective Chinese has been continuously innovating our web technology to give you the most effective learning experience possible. We start with slides that are visually appealing and easy to understand. This way we engage your visual cortex and improve retention. In addition to our visuals, the classroom experience involves: Makin...

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  • Super Effective Study Methods

    Super Effective Study Methods

    So Effective it feels like Cheating! Pronouncing Mandarin can be difficult for English speakers. But, not any more! This incredible new tool makes it easier to identify, and correct, your own mistakes. It is especially useful on a mobile device. Here is how it works. Open your phone or laptop to the lesson you want to studying. Click or tap the fi...

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  • Power Tips for Mandarin Learners

    Power Tips for Mandarin Learners

    Mandarin is easier than you think. There are a number of features which make it easier than English. For starters the grammar is pretty simple, the words are seldom more than two syllables long, nouns don’t have any annoying rules for gender or plural, and verbs don’t have tense. But mastering pronunciation can be a challenge. So, that̵...

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