Course Promotions

Descriptions of some of our current class offerings.
  • Integrated Learning Systems

    Integrated Learning Systems

    At Effective Chinese we focus on the big picture. Most people know that the key to success with any language is practice: practice in class and practice between classes. But what, and how, to practice? Read on and find out how our online materials make it possible to improve between classes. Anatomy of a Class Our Mandarin classes have three parts. We s...

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  • Facebook’s Rating System has Changed

    Facebook’s Rating System has Changed

    In an attempt to improve reliability, Facebook has changed their 5-star rating system to a “recommendation” system. This is a good move, because the 5-star system is routinely abused by people making false complaints (thankfully, not on our site) We are hoping you will help us leverage this opportunity to promote the school, particularly becau...

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  • Help us Reach more Students

    If you have taken any of our classes, you know how enthusiastic we are about our students. And you also know that we take a disciplined and methodical approach to teaching. Our goal is to help you communicate with Chinese friends. We teach culture and language at the same time. We start with the easy stuff and to build a strong foundation. All of our...

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  • New Class: Zánmen Jiéhūn Ba

    New Class: Zánmen Jiéhūn Ba

    We took a popular Chinese Sitcom and turned it into an intermediate level Mandarin course. This is exciting for several reasons: 1) the language is modern and authentic, 2) the topics reflect real social issues effecting China today, 3) it is about relationships, a topic that is only mariginaly addressed by text books or online resources. This course will...

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  • Hanyu Feng Reading and Conversation Classes

    Hanyu Feng Reading and Conversation Classes

    Effective Chinese is not just for Beginners! Our “Hanyu Feng” courses are the top level of our 4 tiers. The name, Hanyu Feng, is actually a series of graded readers. The books are written in Chinese characters, with no pinyin. During the class the students use Mandarin discuss the content of the book with the help of the teacher. This is the be...

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