Classroom Locations

Directions to our classrooms
  • Cedar Mill Classrooms

    Cedar Mill Classrooms

    Located at the Christ United Methodist Church 12755 NW Dogwood St, Portland, OR 97229.  Find your way to the intersection of Saltzman and Cornell Rd. Then head north, about 1 block, and turn left at the next traffic light onto Dogwood.  A half block later you will find two entrances to the parking lot.  Both are okay, but the “front” doors...

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  • Lloyd Center Classrooms

    Lloyd Center Classrooms

    Effective Chinese classrooms are hidden in the NW corner of the Lloyd Center. Click the image to enlarge. (Note, in order to make the graphic easier to read, the floor plan above shows only the west side of the mall.) You have two choices: drive to the top of the top of the parking structure on the corner of NE Halsey and 9th Ave, or enter through one ...

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