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Adventures around China

    Huangshan is Awesome

    Here are some photos of my trip to Huangshan in 2015. It was totally awesome. (Note: click on the image above to see the whole photo). In the background of the first photo is The tallest peak in the cluster, called Celestial Peak. In another photo you can see people ascending a very long stairway to the summit of the Celestial Peak. And, to my surprise...

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    ZhuJiaJiao Watertown

    I always wanted to visit the water town near Shanghai called 朱家角 (Zhūjiājiǎo).  But, I could not see paying $99 for the tour bus.  Fortunately, on my last day in Shanghai, while perusing the internet, I found the place to catch the bus, and it was quite close to where I was staying. This type of adventure is perfect for practicing Mandarin wit...

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    Release Animals Bridge

    放生 (fàngshēng) is the freeing of captive animals. Followers of Buddhism (佛教, fójiào) believe that all life is sacred and that human activity should be curtailed to avoid impacts to other life forms.  In the village of 朱家角 (Zhūjiājiǎo) there is a bridge called 放生桥 (fàngshēng qiáo), in other words the “Release Animals Bridge”...

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    • Sidewalk breakfast vendors
      Sidewalk breakfast vendors
    • Spreading Batter
      Spreading Batter
    • Add the sauce
      Add the sauce
    • Start folding
      Start folding
    • Finish folding
      Finish folding
    • Hand to me
      Hand to me
    • Time to eat!
      Time to eat!

    Jian Bing

    This street food is very popular in China. And Shanghai is no exception. I have seen these vendors numerous times, but never had time to try. So, when I happened upon this vendor recently, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. And it was delicious. Here is a mini-lesson on how to order a jianbing. Dialog Click here to listen: Are they Tasty...

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    Shanghai Bund

    上海外滩的夜景好美 Shànghǎi Wàitān de yèjǐng hǎo měi The night view from the Bund in Shanghai is quite pretty. The Huáng Pǔ Jiāng (黄浦江) river divides Shanghai into two parts: Pǔdōng (浦东) and Pǔxī (浦西).  Pǔdōng is the east side of Shanghai and and Pǔxī is the west side. The photo was taken from Pǔxī.   The Bun...

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