Bonus Videos

Additional resources to up-level your mandarin
  • Which way to the Supermarket?

    Which way to the Supermarket?

    In this fluentu video our hero struggles to get directions from people on the streets. See how many words you can pick out. If you have reached Lesson 28 you should know most of them. After listening a couple times, double check yourself by listening and reading at the same time, using the audio button below. The translated dialog represents the first enco...

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  • What time is it?
  • Mid Autumn Festival

    Mid Autumn Festival

    Mid Autumn Festival (中秋节, Zhōng Qiū Jié) will be on Oct 4 this year, 2017. Chinese festival days are determined by the Lunar Calendar and this festival always falls on the full moon of the 8th lunar month. Most people know Zhōng Qiū Jié because “moon cakes” are often given away as gifts, and offered for sale at local Chinese restaurant...

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  • A Special Restaurant

    A Special Restaurant

    Here is another Groovie Pauli video.  Its not very professional, but the actors are fun to watch. This is a good video for lesson 7 Character Pinyin Hanzi English Singing Xiǎng chī dōngxī, wǒ èle, 想吃东西,我饿了, Want to eat, I’m hungry, Helper 1 (mumble, mumble) qǐng zuò (mumble) 请坐 (Mumble, mumble) Please sit down Customer...

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  • At a Restaurant

    At a Restaurant

    This fluentu video contains tons of words from Mandarin One, and a handful from Mandarin Two and Three. My recommendation is to watch the video first and see how much you understand.  Then return to this page and listen to the audio while following along with the pinyin below.  Then go back to the video and see how much you improved. Part One Person ...

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