Bonus Videos

Additional resources to up-level your mandarin
  • How to get food in a Restaurant

    How to get food in a Restaurant

    Here are some videos about ordering food in China. They are chosen to support lesson 19 Learn Chinese: practical sentences for ordering food in a restaurant more practical vocabulary for restaurants Chinese Boom: how to order noodles SAYS: Noobs Learn to Order food in a Restaurant The list is ordered from most useful to lea...

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  • The bǎ Sentence Construction

    The bǎ Sentence Construction

    In lesson 26 we learned about an unusual grammatical particle bǎ (把). Let’s step back and look at the basic Chinese sentence structure. subject-verb-object This sentence structure is easy for us English speakers because English follows the same pattern. Unlike German and Japanese which is … subject-object-verb Well, the bad news is that...

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  • Knowing and Understanding

    Knowing and Understanding

    Take a listen to what Shasha has to say about “knowing” and “understanding”.  She gives a few example sentence, with pinyin and English on the screen so you can pause or slow down the video if she is going too fast.

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  • Complement of Result

    Complement of Result

    Complement of Result is a grammar pattern that makes Mandarin easier to learn. Verb Complement Result Kàn (look) + dào =Kàndào (see) Zhǎo (search) + dào =Zhǎodào (find) Tīng (listen) + dào =Tīngdào (hear) Mǎi (shop) + dào = Mǎidào (buy) How does this make it easier to learn? Because it reduces the number of words you need to learn, a...

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  • Haggling Over the Price

    Haggling Over the Price

    This blog entry contains 3 videos. Maybe I went a little overboard here, but you don’t have to watch them all at once. You already know the vast majority of the words in these three videos. Keep in mind that if they are speaking too fast, you can slow the speed to 75% of normal. The first video is from NinhaoChina just click here to watch the v...

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