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Registration now open for Winter classes

Registration open
for Summer classes

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We look forward to hearing
you speak Mandarin

We look forward to hearing
you speak Mandarin

Up-level your Mandarin!

Up-level your Mandarin!

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Winter classes will be hosted Online

Spring classes will be hosted Online

Register now for Winter Classes

Register now for Spring Classes

Learn Mandarin Chinese with a program designed for your busy schedule. Evening classes for adults, hosted on Zoom (for the time being), mobile study tools, and excellent instructors, all make it easier for you to succeed!

Learn to Speak

Our approach is simple. We introduce the language incrementally so you learn steadily without being overwhelmed. You participate in activities that make the language easier to understand and harder to forget. More about our methods

Study Anywhere

Our mobile accessible materials allow you to keep learning between classes. Review lessons, listen to audio and take quizzes while riding the bus or lounging at home. The courseware is designed for people with busy schedules. More about our study tools.

Online Courses with Zoom

Due to the pandemic, we will be offering our courses online with Zoom. We’ve been using it for a couple months and it works well. Zoom is free and it runs in your browser. No setup required. If you don’t find a class that fits your schedule, consider a private Mandarin tutor.

Mandarin One
Mandarin Two
Chinese One
Hanyu Feng 500

Winter classes begin in January

Due to the ongoing pandemic, our Fall classes will all be hosted on Zoom. Each course meets 10 times, once a week, for for 1.5 hours. (To register: just click on the name of the class)

Our “Beginning” series of classes are designed specifically for folks who are more interested in verbal communication.  After completing our Beginning series (One, Two and Three) most students are eager to learn Chinese characters.

Online Courses

Courses Day Time Date Price Location
Chinese Four Mon 6:30 PM 01/03/2022

$150 Online
Beginning Three Tue 6:30 PM 01/04/2022

$150 Online
Chinese One Tue 6:30 PM 01/04/2022

$150 Online
Chinese One Tue 6:30 PM 01/04/2022

$150 Online
Beginning One Wed 6:30 PM 01/05/2022

$150 Online
Chinese Three Wed 6:30 PM 01/05/2022

$150 Online
Hanyu Feng 300 Wed 6:30 PM 01/05/2022

$150 Online
Beginning Two Thu 6:30 PM 01/06/2022

$150 Online

Tutoring on your Terms

Not seeing the class you need? Not finding anything that fits your schedule?  We can arrange a tutor to fit your schedule and address specific needs.  See our tutoring options

Mandarin Courses Customized for English Speakers

Beginning One, Two & Three. These introductory classes will introduce you to Mandarin Chinese as it is spoken in Modern China. We start with the basics of pronunciation and sentence patterns. By the end of this series you will have solid foundation and basic conversational skills. These 3 courses use Pinyin only (the phonetic representation of the language) and leave Chinese characters for a future class.

Each “Beginning” course (One, Two and Three) includes …

  • Online course materials
  • Printed course materials
  • Teachers who leverage your talents
  • Online quizzes and flashcards
  • Presentation slides make it easier to grasp

Here is a description of each class in the series

  • Beginning One: In this course you will learn pronunciation, pinyin, basic grammar and something about Chinese culture. You will build a solid foundation for future study, while gaining practical language skills appropriate for everyday use in China and Taiwan. Check out a sample lesson from Beginning One.

  • Beginning Two: Having mastered pinyin and simple grammar, the next step is to become more comfortable with sentences. We will explore more interesting grammar patterns, expand the vocabulary and learn how to engage native speakers in conversation. Check out a sample lesson from Beginning Two.

  • Beginning Three: While continuing to build vocabulary, this class will focus on conversations that frequently occur frequently when traveling in China. You will gain more confidence in conversation and deepen your understanding of modern Chinese culture. Check out a sample lesson from Beginning Three.

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